Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wood...huh...yeah...what is it good for?

Absolutely everything really, including support my tipi up as it happens. The first version I am trying to get together at the moment will probably be about 6 feet tall...its amazing actually how everything in the world of crafting seems to be in imperial measurements, like going back in time to shopping at Diagone Alley (apologies to HP fans if I have the spelling wrong there). 

The material I am using is 3 yards wide, or 9 feet or 118 inches. Erm, hello? I was born after decimilisation you know...everything should have some tens in it somewhere, I am just sure of it! :-)

Anyway, I need to find some wood soonish so I can strip the bark off and get it out to dry before next summer. With my old coppicing head on, thanks to a lot of hedge laying with the B.T.C.V., I reckon a couple of good Hazel or thorn pleachers should do the trick. What? Never pleached at all before? Okay, check out this video below for more info. I should warn you, it is a bit chainsaw heavy as these guys are contractors - I tend to prefer a handsaw as you have a bit more control and don't go so quickly, hacking things off before you are ready. 

So, all I need to do is go out into the wonderful world below, get my wood goggles on and start looking for things 6 feet tall...or 182cm according to Google if you prefer the modern metric way.


Anonymous said...

Just want to say what a fantastic blog you have here. I've just found myself reading the last 10 posts and had to comment. Thanks! :)

maddy hill said...

hi Richard , ... i saved myself all that bother and went to argos and bought one lol still - i did stuggle getting home though ! lol

Richard Freeman said...

Hey Maddy,

That's cheating! Mind you, if this is the one you got, it does look tempting.

It would certainly be a damn site easier than my current project...but I am sure less fun. Oh well, on with searching for some bonded polyester thread...

Thanks, Richard

Richard Freeman said...

Hey Bee Square, thanks so much for your comment. I just looooooove your fabrics, mainly because I also keep bees and love anything with bees on! How about we swap some honey for fabric? That's if you like honey :-) Yours, Richard