Wednesday, October 15, 2008

London fabric and craft shops on a Googley map

Updated 18th October - yep, its a big seller on the interweb tubes...well, at least one person had a look at it, so I have started to add a few more things to the map. Let me know if you have any more suggestions - thanks!

Yep, I know its not perfect but its a start. I wanted to try and get all the shops in London I could find on to one Google map. Its a work in progress so if I find any more, I will whack them back on this page so I can remember what and where they were.


maddy hill said...

actually , this is a really good idea ! i sometimes go to london and wish i could do a bit of crafty shopping when im there -- please find some more ! ...will tell calvin about the fireproof cotton - with his track record he could do wrapping the house in it lol
great blog !
ps ... i had t-pee in the garden all summer - the cat thought id built him his own palace lol
happy crafting !

Richard Freeman said...

Thanks so much Maddy, you are my first blog comment! Inspired by your kind words, I have added a few more shops to the list and will keep it going.

I know what you mean about that fireproof cotton - could come in very handy :-)

Glad to hear the cat liked the tipi. My first one should be about 6 feet high, a sort of practice one, so god knows how many stray cats that is going to attract after a few weeks.

Love your sites too by the way, just added them to my following list.


Calv said...

Hi Richard, putting shops on Google is such a cool idea, cheers for that. Will save me ambling around London aimlessly and having people throw spare change at me! :)

I will follow the teepee with interest!

Calv said...

Quick note to say, hope you don't mind Richard but i just gave you a shout out on my blog, your map of craft shops will be so usefull to people, hopefully you should get a few more sugestions coming your way. :)

Richard Freeman said...

Hey Calvin, thanks very much for the comment - I know what you mean about the change. Mind you, when I am walking through along Oxford Street these days its the sandwich board men and hordes of tourists that are harder to dodge!

Anyway, glad you liked the map and found it useful. Its lovely to be on your blog too as a new post and I look forward to floods of new entries. Gives me something to do in my incapacitated state at the moment.

Can I return the favour and pop a post up on my blog too?

Yours, Richard

Calv said...

By all means just read the comment above about the needle lol....i stood on one earlier....why can't they come with corks on them?! :)

Richard Freeman said...

Great, thanks Calv, will do once I have got some energy back - this chicken pox is a real strength sapper! Hopefully I will be back to normal soon. I was going to start doing some sewing the other day but thought the chance of a needle accident was too great - sorry to hear your feet are suffering. Do you not craft in steel toe cap boots? I think I will have to get myself a pair when I get started!
Yours, Richard

Paula said...

Hi Richard, just popping on via Calv's blog. I work in London so your map will be very useful. Be sure to add I Knit to it. I've just learnt to knit there and not only do they sell everything knitty, but it's got sofas and a bar too!