Thursday, October 9, 2008

It comes by post, its in a kit and it was invented in the 70's...and its not rubbish!

Yep, its back, hello and hi di hi to clothkits who have triumphantly returned.

Why am I on about these? Well, I suppose its because its probably one of the earliest memories I have of wearing something that was **home made**. Now I know that Stateside everything is hand made nation this and that, but I like to think that we Brits were doing it years before, in particular, my Mum.

The thing I remember from Clothkits was a lovely pair of blue dungarees, tough as old boots so I could run through trees and not ruin them. The piece de resistance, was this wonderful rainbow badge stuck above the central pocket, not disimilar to the current logoo for the DCSF actually. It was probably the bright colours that stick in my mind the most. Mind you, like most recollections of childhood, I am sure the old rose-tinted specs make things seem better than they were. Must ask my Mum about them as I get they were a real pain to make!

The trouble with these kits is that, well...
  • nobody really has most people don't have time to make things
  • they are actually quite expensive, around the same price as clothes from shops, so the thrift factor isn't really there
  • its all for girls...well, mostly female, with only a few things for boys so Drone is going to have to wait a while for one 
I couldn't even find my old dungareers on the archive section, though might see if its immortalised in an old family photo album.

The family behind the kits of dreams, as I like to call them, now run the lovely Gossypium eco-fashion chain so are still in the world of lovely and careful to find a nice dungaree pattern and a sew on rainbow badge - let me know if you find one before I do!


Rianne Bakker said...

wow, wish the patterns on that vintage photo's were still available, they look so cool and vintage! Hope you find a pattern. I'm thinking of drawing one by myself... I'll let you know if or when it's ready!

Richard Freeman said...

That's great Rianne, do keep in touch and let me know how you get on, thanks for visiting!