Thursday, December 18, 2008

Absence makes the tipi desire stonger...

Hmn, just cannot see any mention of 'man flu' on this one at all...particularly my strain. I felt a bit out of sorts about two a bit months ago now. Falling down the stairs blurry-eyed, one Tuesday morning, I got virtually no sympathy from the Queen Bee who thought I was trying to pull a fast one to stay at home and laze around. Two hours later on, having joined up all the Chickenpox spots to make a pretty realistic sketch of Mickey Mouse (albeit a sort of freckly, pointy mouse), I eventually managed to convince her that I might be **slightly** ill. Maybe asking for that little bell though was going a bit far.

Anyway, after the pox striking me and the rest of the hive here, I ended up having to change jobs which took a while. All in all, not much happening on the blog arena so apologies to the tipi fans there. It seems like tipi poles are dragging in lots of traffic while I have been away so to come in the next few days are:
  • the best things to buy the tipi maker in your family for xmas
  • more tipi pole information, where and how to buy in the South East of the UK
  • some more info on plans, for my first children's tipi and the larger adult brother
  • anything else I can think of
so do go gently now I am back in the blog world and stop in every now and again - just don't expect a finished tipi yet.


jennyflower said...

Hello! I have just spotted you following my blog and hopped straight over. I hope you are feeling better now, horrid horrid spots! I can't believe you have a book on Yurts and no beard-is that allowed?

jennyflower said...

Hi again, I have got another lovely who mised the deadline for the swap, so if you wanted to do a direct swap with them just mail me with your e-mail and address and I'll see if they're up for it!