Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Building Tipis and Yurts by Blue Evening Star

One of the great benefits of being laid up with CP is that I have time for some reading I hadn't got around to. First on the list is this book by, well, erm, Blue Evening Star. It certainly makes a change from reading another Andy McNabb so I dived in. Here is what I have learnt:

  • The word tipi means home, from the Lakota language
  • To cure the hide used to make tipis, heavy fires would be burnt in the tipi the the cover turned around to proof the other side
  • Tipi poles, called lodge poles, were either dragged on sleds when a group wanted to move camp or later on lashed to horses
  • I need to find some "bonded, dacron-coated, polyester thread in size 16" to sew my tipi together - god knows if the Pfaff can cope with that stuff!
  • Tipis were rarely smaller than 10 feet or larger than 25 feet.
The main meat of the book was the plan it contained and the sewing instructions which followed. What I have got to work out first of all is what size of tipi I want to make. That last point kind of worried me as I was hoping to make a small child-size one first of all, then make the big kulhana tipi after that. The first one would probably be way before 10 feet, more like 6 feet, so I might have to make up my own pattern. Me. Yes, me. Mr I'm-about-able-to-sew-on-a-button, having to make my own sewing pattern already. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Especially if you stock bonded, dacron-coated, polyester thread in size 16 as I am coming for you now (even with my CP). Time to go back to the pencil and paper I think, wherever that is...


Calv said...

It certainly has potential Richard, looking good so far. :)

Good luck with the pattern, whilst i can use a sewing machine and have my own, everything i sew or mend is done without a pattern as they scare the hell out of me! So many lines and numbers!

What sort of needle did you use in the machine for that material? Was it a denim needle or something thicker?

Hels said...

:O)) Hiya Richard, I found you cos I stalk Calv's blog!!! LOL...been reading all about what you are doing and I have to say, I love your Blog, and I love your pants too!!! I never thought I would hear myself telling a stranger that either!!! LOL Also, your slideshow is great, those cute ickle animals .. aw....anyways, I thought I would leave you a note to say Hi! Cheers! Hels x

maddy hill said...

hi richard , i see it was mum to the rescue ! Im not brill at sewing myself so cant offer any advice , but good luck with your endevour !

maddy hill said...

Ive left something for you on my blog Richard - good luck with your t- pee making and try not to get into as much mishap as calv eh ?


Richard Freeman said...

Cheers Calv, its still early days but I feel I am making some progress through the treacle!

I know what you mean about the whole pattern thing. Sometimes, they really only seem to be a very rough guide as when you lay everything out, there is a huge gap between all the bits which wasn't in the picture!

As far as the needle goes, that is something I am trying to work out at the moment. It was a pretty bog standard needle I think, but I am trying to find a good online shop to get some beefier ones for when I get making properly.

Yours, Richard

Richard Freeman said...

Hey Hels, crikes, a Calv stalker! Welcome one and all to my world. Certainly less productive that the wonderful C and in fact your own world of inky crafting which looks great.

Thanks for the lovely comments about the blog and ... erm... my underwear too. I think I will probably draw the line at crafting my own pair but talking about them is fine :-)

The slideshow features three lovely alpacas Charlie Brown, Mutton Jeff and The One Whose Name I Cannot Remember!

Will go and browse your blog now for some further inspiration for tipi decorations - drop back soon now you hear! Yours, Richard

Richard Freeman said...

Hey Maddy,

Yep, fraid so, the Master Spinner, Weaver, Sewer and Dyer in the family I am afraid - I am a mere crafting minnow when compared to her. Mind you, my Dad is also pretty nifty in wood and metal which must count for something too!

Thanks for the best wishes and I am off now to search through your blog for pants / tipi related things :-)

Yours, Richard

Hels said...

Me again :O)) Just answering your Q on the Sunday Stamper post....have a look at StaZon pads, they are great to stamp onto any surface - and there are several shades of blue to chose from too. As for the rose design, have a look at You will find a couple of rose stamps there, I know for deffo one is on the Botanical Plate - and also you can get StaZon pads here too :O)) HTH Richard...thanks for popping by my Blog, hoping to see something blue from you for the Sunday Stamper challenge too!! LOL Hels x